lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

No link!!!!

I'm sorry but there are not link. Javier send me a message by facebook telling me that the link doesn't work, so I can't put it in the blog. I'm very sorry but it was an interesting work about the renewable energies.

Well, don't mind because we have...

SONGS: Today, Sarah McLachlan, a Canadian songwriter.
The first song is "Angel"

Lyrics | Sarah McLachlan Lyrics | Angel Lyrics

The second one is "Fallen"

Lyrics | Sarah McLachlan Lyrics | Fallen Lyrics

And the last one is a remix of a Sarah McLachlan song, called "Vox". I love driving and listening to this song!!!!!

Lyrics | Sarah McLachlan Lyrics | Vox Lyrics

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010


Waiting? Yes, I'm just waiting for Javier's link about environment.

Please, Javier, send me the link to put it in the blog, please

The best way to wait something is listening music, so...

SONGS: Nick Cave, the Australian songwriter with two songs:
The first one is "Henry Lee" sung with JP Harvey

Lyrics | Nick Cave & The Bad Seed Lyrics | Henry Lee Lyrics

The second one is Nature Boy

Lyrics | Nick Cave & The Bad Seed Lyrics | Nature Boy Lyrics

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

Didactic Unit : Dublin

Hi friends:
Here you are another didactic unit. This is about Dublin and it was made by Inma, Mercedes & Salomé. It's very interesting and I think you can find a lot of ideas to work with your children in schools.
Thank U so much girls!!!

SONG: Today, Robbie Williams.The British Bad Boy. The first one is "Feel"

Lyrics | Robbie Williams Lyrics | Feel Lyrics

The second one is "Angel", I think the most successful Robbie Williams' song

Lyrics | Robbie Williams Lyrics | Angels Lyrics

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Sunny days!!!

We can say, now, that springtime has come: birds singing, flowers and sun!. We need sun; it was like Scottish weather : all day raining;I was sick and tired of rain, but that have just finished and now we've got the Sun!!

SONGS: Today Lou Reed.Singing alone or with his group The Velvet Underground. He is one of the most important influential person of popular music.
The first one is "Beautiful Day"

Lyrics | Lou Reed Lyrics | Perfect Day Lyrics

The second one is "Sweet Jane"

Lyrics | Lou Reed Lyrics | Sweet Jane Lyrics