martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Old Town:The Royal Mile 2

Hi again.
After two weeks k.o because we had our "fiestas" & partys, all day in the streets drinking, dancing, laughing and waiting the rising sun. Today I'll try to write about Edinburgh but I think I need some hollydays to rest and take a break ; partying is very hard, you know!!!!

Well, let's continue talking about the Royal Mile and the last sections: High Street and Canongate

-High Street : This is the largest street and there's a lot of monuments and places to visit.
On the left you can see: High Court of Justiciary, Hume Monument, City Chambers, Mary King's Close (the most famous close of Edinburgh), John Knokx's House, etc.
On the right you can see Parliament Square & House, Statue Duke of Buccleuch, The Heart of Midlothian (a heart of stone in the ground that marks the entrance to the Old Tollbooth Prison. Tollbooth prisoners used to spin when they went in the prision and actually some people do the same for good luck), St Gilles Cathedral (wonderful), the Statue of King Charles (behind the cathedral), the Mercat Cross, Thor Kirk (kirk means church)which is closed because people think that there live poltergeists, the Museum of Childhood and many others.
In the middle of the street, crossing from North to South you can see the North Bridge and the South Bridge, where we usually catch our buses (8 or 14)

-Canongate: I think that, for me, It's the less interesting road but there are places like Canongate Tolbooth (with the watch), The People's Story (very interesting, because you can see how people lived in a Royal Mile house from down to the roof), Canongate Kirk and other places.
At the end you can see on the right the Scottish Parliament (very modern for me!!!) and in front the Palace of Holyrood.

SONGS: For today I'll bring you something special, it's not a group or vocalist. It's Blue Man Group, a creative foundation that creates theatrical shows with three people dresses black clothes and the rest of the head and hands are blue: called Blue Men an they play percussive instruments. Behind them there is a band

An advice: don't be late if you want to see one of their shows

The first song is "Above" and it was the beginning of his show "The Complex Live Rock"

The second one is "Up to the Roof", sung by Tracy Bonham

Blue Man Group Lyrics

viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Old Town:The Royal Mile 1

Edinburgh is called the Athens of the North, It's a wonderful city with friendly people and a lot of places you can discover . The Royal Mile flows from West (the Castle Rock) to East (Holyrood Palace) following the spine of these hills. It's divided in four sections:
-Castle hill
-High Street
When you go out the castle, the first thing that you see is the Esplanade, in witch place the Military Tattoo is realized. There's the place to the Music Concerts, too.

Then The Royal Miles begins: the first section is called Castlehill and it's the oldest street

Next we can see Lawnmarket, it's a widest street than the previous ones and many times times ago was a linen market. Now is dominated by tourist-oriented shops

SONGS: Today I'll show you a group called Death in Vegas. Death in Vegas is a Britain duo witch made electronic and psycodelic rock music. In their third album "Scorpion Rising"(2.002) decided to change and made pop-rock music featuring rock stars like Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller
The first song is "Scorpio Rising", sung by Liam Gallagher, Oasis singer

Death In Vegas Lyrics

The second one is "So you say you lost you baby" sung by Paul Weller, is a version from Gene Clark

Lyrics | Death In Vegas Lyrics | So You Say You Lost Your Baby Lyrics

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Edinburgh, first day

I'm here trying to remembering these two weeks standing in this wonderful city: Edinburgh (or Edinbro more or less pronunciation)

Well, I left my home 11 July and went to Cáceres to sleep there in my parent's house. Sunday I got the bus early in the morning (8.15 a.m) and went to Madrid, then I took first the train and then the subway to Barajas Airport and waited there until the depart time. I had to wait because the fly is delayed but, at last, we flyed without problems and at 9 p.m. (Scottish hour) I was in Edinburgh Airport

I caught the bus to the city and after a while I was in the Center of Edinburgh, in South Bridge, very close the Royal Mile. I got off the bus and began to ask the way to go to my residence. A few minutes after I was carrying my suitcases to the residence because one person said to me that it was only 15 min. so I decided to take a walk and see the city but It was not quite truth (try to carry two bags on a unknown city and, then, tell me about this!), however 40 minutes later I was in my residence

At last I was in my residence, I went to the reception and then to my room, I had a shower and went to sleep because I was very tired

SONGS: Today I'll show you an English band called Ocean Colour Scene (OCS) formed in Birmingham on 90's very influenced by Paul Weller and 60's bands

The first song I'll show you is my favourite: "Travellers Tune" from their album "Marchin' Alredy", which was a successful album and was #1, displacing Oasis album "Be here now". There is a anecdote that you can read on BBC:
"In the week that their album, ‘Marchin’ Already,’ went to number one and knocked Oasis off the top spot, Noel Gallagher very graciously sent Ocean Colour Scene his congratulations though a plaque on which he had inscribed To The Second Best Band In Britain. “And as The Beatles are the first best band in Britain,” vocalist and songwriter, Simon Fowler says laughing, “that was very nice of him."

Lyrics | Ocean Colour Scene Lyrics | Travellers Tune Lyrics

The second one is "The Riverboat Song", and it's like a blues. It's from his second album "Moseley Shoals"

Lyrics | Ocean Colour Scene Lyrics | Riverboat Song Lyrics