jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2009

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle in on the castle rock and dominates Edinburgh. Is one of its symbols. We saw it on Saturday afternoon and it took several hours.At 5.45 guards told us that the time was over and so we had to go out (sorry)!!!!!!

More information here or here

SONGS: Today I will show you three different versions of the same song, "Hallelujah" a Leonard Cohen's song, from his album "Various Positions" (1,984)
The original one:

Leonard Cohen Lyrics

The second one is a Jeff Buckley's version

The third one is Rufus Wainwright's version (Shrek soundtrack) and translated to Spanish

The last one is from John Cale

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Carlton Hill

Carlton Hill is a hill in the east of New Town where are monuments and from you can see wonderful views of Edinburgh. Unfortunately we couldn't see all of them.

SONGS: Today, Loreena McKennitt a Canadian singer who performes world music.

The first song is "The Mummers' dance" from her album "The Book of Secrets"

Loreena McKennit Lyrics

The second one is Kecharitomene, an instrumental song from her cd "An Ancient Muse"

sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2009

New Town

In 1700 Old Town was overcrowded, noisy and dirty. Visitors said they could smell Edinburgh as they approached Dalkieth some 8 miles to the South. Lack of proper drainage and generally insanitary conditions caused ill-health. So Edinburgh needed a new town and it was builded in the north of Old Town (from north to south).In 1766 James Craig's architectural scheme was chosen. The original New Town had three paralell streets: Princess Street, George Street & Queen Street; there were, too, spacious gardens.
Princess Streets is between two famous hotels :Caledonian Hotel in the North and the Balmoral Hotel in the South.
North Bridge connected Old and New Town.
The Old Town & the New Town are a UNESCO World Heritage Site
My favorite place was Rose Street (between Princess Street & George Street) a pedestrian street with a lot of pubs and people.

SONGS: The Stones Roses were an alternative English band formed in Manchester in 1984 which made only two albums. They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement
The first one is "I'm the resurrection"

Stone Roses Lyrics

The second one is "Waterfall". Both songs from their first (and best) album "The Stone Roses"

Stone Roses Lyrics

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Old Town

God! I don't know what happened to me but my mind was a blank and I couldn't think in English and no words came to me.

Old Town is, for me, the most beautiful place of Edinburgh with lot of places and corners to visit: the Royal Mile, Grassmarket (wonderful pubs), George IV Street (Bobby's Statue, The Elephant House-the place where Harry Potter was born-, etc), Cowgate, South Bridge & North Bridge ...

The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

SONGS: Now, new songs from a British Duo called Soulsavers from their second album"It's now how far you fall, It's the way you land" . The album features American singer Mark Lanegan as vocalist.
The first one is "Revival" and it seems like a godspell song

Lyrics | Soulsavers Lyrics | Revival Lyrics

The second one is "Kingdoms of Rain". The first time I heard it I thought it was a Leonard Cohen's song, tbe Canadian Song-writer

Kingdoms Of Rain

martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

Old Town:The Royal Mile 2

Hi again.
After two weeks k.o because we had our "fiestas" & partys, all day in the streets drinking, dancing, laughing and waiting the rising sun. Today I'll try to write about Edinburgh but I think I need some hollydays to rest and take a break ; partying is very hard, you know!!!!

Well, let's continue talking about the Royal Mile and the last sections: High Street and Canongate

-High Street : This is the largest street and there's a lot of monuments and places to visit.
On the left you can see: High Court of Justiciary, Hume Monument, City Chambers, Mary King's Close (the most famous close of Edinburgh), John Knokx's House, etc.
On the right you can see Parliament Square & House, Statue Duke of Buccleuch, The Heart of Midlothian (a heart of stone in the ground that marks the entrance to the Old Tollbooth Prison. Tollbooth prisoners used to spin when they went in the prision and actually some people do the same for good luck), St Gilles Cathedral (wonderful), the Statue of King Charles (behind the cathedral), the Mercat Cross, Thor Kirk (kirk means church)which is closed because people think that there live poltergeists, the Museum of Childhood and many others.
In the middle of the street, crossing from North to South you can see the North Bridge and the South Bridge, where we usually catch our buses (8 or 14)

-Canongate: I think that, for me, It's the less interesting road but there are places like Canongate Tolbooth (with the watch), The People's Story (very interesting, because you can see how people lived in a Royal Mile house from down to the roof), Canongate Kirk and other places.
At the end you can see on the right the Scottish Parliament (very modern for me!!!) and in front the Palace of Holyrood.

SONGS: For today I'll bring you something special, it's not a group or vocalist. It's Blue Man Group, a creative foundation that creates theatrical shows with three people dresses black clothes and the rest of the head and hands are blue: called Blue Men an they play percussive instruments. Behind them there is a band

An advice: don't be late if you want to see one of their shows

The first song is "Above" and it was the beginning of his show "The Complex Live Rock"

The second one is "Up to the Roof", sung by Tracy Bonham

Blue Man Group Lyrics

viernes, 7 de agosto de 2009

Old Town:The Royal Mile 1

Edinburgh is called the Athens of the North, It's a wonderful city with friendly people and a lot of places you can discover . The Royal Mile flows from West (the Castle Rock) to East (Holyrood Palace) following the spine of these hills. It's divided in four sections:
-Castle hill
-High Street
When you go out the castle, the first thing that you see is the Esplanade, in witch place the Military Tattoo is realized. There's the place to the Music Concerts, too.

Then The Royal Miles begins: the first section is called Castlehill and it's the oldest street

Next we can see Lawnmarket, it's a widest street than the previous ones and many times times ago was a linen market. Now is dominated by tourist-oriented shops

SONGS: Today I'll show you a group called Death in Vegas. Death in Vegas is a Britain duo witch made electronic and psycodelic rock music. In their third album "Scorpion Rising"(2.002) decided to change and made pop-rock music featuring rock stars like Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller
The first song is "Scorpio Rising", sung by Liam Gallagher, Oasis singer

Death In Vegas Lyrics

The second one is "So you say you lost you baby" sung by Paul Weller, is a version from Gene Clark

Lyrics | Death In Vegas Lyrics | So You Say You Lost Your Baby Lyrics

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Edinburgh, first day

I'm here trying to remembering these two weeks standing in this wonderful city: Edinburgh (or Edinbro more or less pronunciation)

Well, I left my home 11 July and went to Cáceres to sleep there in my parent's house. Sunday I got the bus early in the morning (8.15 a.m) and went to Madrid, then I took first the train and then the subway to Barajas Airport and waited there until the depart time. I had to wait because the fly is delayed but, at last, we flyed without problems and at 9 p.m. (Scottish hour) I was in Edinburgh Airport

I caught the bus to the city and after a while I was in the Center of Edinburgh, in South Bridge, very close the Royal Mile. I got off the bus and began to ask the way to go to my residence. A few minutes after I was carrying my suitcases to the residence because one person said to me that it was only 15 min. so I decided to take a walk and see the city but It was not quite truth (try to carry two bags on a unknown city and, then, tell me about this!), however 40 minutes later I was in my residence

At last I was in my residence, I went to the reception and then to my room, I had a shower and went to sleep because I was very tired

SONGS: Today I'll show you an English band called Ocean Colour Scene (OCS) formed in Birmingham on 90's very influenced by Paul Weller and 60's bands

The first song I'll show you is my favourite: "Travellers Tune" from their album "Marchin' Alredy", which was a successful album and was #1, displacing Oasis album "Be here now". There is a anecdote that you can read on BBC:
"In the week that their album, ‘Marchin’ Already,’ went to number one and knocked Oasis off the top spot, Noel Gallagher very graciously sent Ocean Colour Scene his congratulations though a plaque on which he had inscribed To The Second Best Band In Britain. “And as The Beatles are the first best band in Britain,” vocalist and songwriter, Simon Fowler says laughing, “that was very nice of him."

Lyrics | Ocean Colour Scene Lyrics | Travellers Tune Lyrics

The second one is "The Riverboat Song", and it's like a blues. It's from his second album "Moseley Shoals"

Lyrics | Ocean Colour Scene Lyrics | Riverboat Song Lyrics

lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

I' m back again!!!

I'm back again from Edinburgh. I'm happy but a little sad because I left a wonderful place and a lot of friends there.
In this photo I'm with my General English Teacher, Gavin.
I was in Edinburgh two weeks, studying General English Course in the Edinburgh School of English and my residential accommodation was at the Pollock Hall, a half an hour walking from the Royal Mile.


8.45-9.00: Plenary Session (Susan)
9.00-10.00: Fluency workshop (Jonathan)
10.00-10.15: Break
10.15-11.15: General English (Gavin)
11.15-11.30: Break
11.30-13.00: General English (Gavin)
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00: Master-class
15.00-15.15 Break
15.15-16.15: Reading and Writing Skills (David)

When I was finishing the classes (at 16.15 h.) I always took a walk around the city until the dinner time (19.30 h. more or less) with some friends, trying to see the city and practice our English (and drink a beer, too,OF COURSE!!!!).

My Opinion:
-Positive: The city, the people (very friendly), the students that I meet there (Consoli, Anja, Isidro,Margherita, Nichola, Carlos, etc.) the teachers
-Negative: The weather (always raining), the lunch and dinner hour, and the close hour of Museums

I hope that these days I've have time to write about my experience there.

SONG: This is time to an old band: Simple Minds. The band was in Edinburgh last Saturday (18th of July) but I could not see them because I've got not a ticket.
Simple Minds is a Scottish band (Rock, New Wave & Pop) borned in 1.977 (30 years on the road!!!). His frontman is Jim Kerr
I'll show you two songs: The first one is "Don't You", maybe his most successful hit.
The end of the song (and the concert) is amazing!

Simple Minds Lyrics

The second one is "Belfast Child", based on a traditional irish song called "She moved through the fair" from his album "Street fighting years"

Simple Minds Lyrics

domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

¿Qué hacer para que los alumnos no copien literalmente de internet?

Trasteando un poco por ahí he encontrado este interesante artículo "¿Cómo hacer para que tus alumnos no copien "literalmente" de internet a sus trabajos?" del blog educ@ con Tic. Espero que lo encontréis interesante

SONGS: Uno de los grupos con mayor éxito en el mercado español es Amaral, un dúo zaragozano formado por Eva Amaral y Javier Aguirre. El por qué he elegido este grupo es porque Kini cogió la melodía de Kamikaze y la cambió el estribillo, así que lo dejo para ver si así se lo aprende bien jejeje. Por cierto, pertenece a su último cd "Gato negro/Dragón Rojo"; lo del dragón viene porque Eva tiene tatuado en su espalda un dragón rojo (cual Lisbeth Salander), el por qué Javier eligió lo del gato negro no estoy muy seguro pero supongo que será su animal totem.

Lyrics | Amaral Lyrics | Kamikaze Lyrics

La segunda que os dejo es su debut con "Rosita" de su primer cd "Amaral"

Amaral - Rosita lyrics

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


This a slide from our last day in Coria. I wait to new photos to put them in the blog

SONGS: This slide and these songs are my tribute to you, guys. I thought songs about our citys or people who are from these citys.
And this is my play list.
CANTERBURY: is Kent shire county. One of the most famous singers from Kent county is Sir Mick Jagger, the frontman of the Rolling Stones. This is "Visions of Paradise" without his band

Lyrics | Mick Jagger Lyrics | Visions Of Paradise Lyrics

CHELTENHAM: Born in this town, Brian Jones was a multi-instrumentalist and one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. The song that I'll show you is "Paint it Black" with Brian Jones playing the sitar

- Rolling Stones Lyrics

DUBLIN: Born in Dublin, Paul David Hewson (hey, who's that man?) most commoly by Bono, the leader of the irish band U2 (now you can remember!) . The song I'll show you is "Miss Sarajevo" with a band called "Passengers" (U2, Brian Eno & Luciano Pavarotti)

- U2 Lyrics

EDINBURGH: (my town!). Shirley Mason was born in this town. She is the vocalist and write the lyrics of the group Garbage, a band very important in 90's. The song I'll show you is "Stupid Girl"

Lyrics | Garbage Lyrics | Stupid Girl Lyrics

LONDON: One of the most important citys of the world. The song I'll show you is very old (1.973) and called "Streets of London", but I love so much, this reminds me when I was younger. It was singing by Ralph McTell and english singer-songwriter.

Lyrics | Ralph McTell Lyrics | Streets Of London Lyrics

NEW YORK: The big apple, the world capital. When I though about this town I always remember Sinatra's song "New Yor, New York" (the city that doesn't sleeps), so here's the song.

Lyrics | Frank Sinatra Lyrics | New York, New York Lyrics

SCARBOROUGH: For this city find a song was easy too, because one of the best song of Simon & Garfunkel, for me of course, is Scarborough fair/Canticle .

Lyrics | Simon And Garfunkel Lyrics | Scarborough Fair, Canticle Lyrics

TORONTO: and from Toronto the band Billy Talent and his songs "This Suffering". It's an alternative rock band.

Billy Talent - This Suffering

Lyrics | Billy Talent Lyrics | This Suffering Lyrics

domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Last Day Of The Pale's Course

Yesterday we went to our last day of the Pale's course. It was a complete day with natives. We began (at San Cristobal' Hotel) with breakfast all together eating and talking (in English, of course). At the end of the breakfast we made groups and take our cars and went to the old town of Coria but unfortunately it was raining all times and we couldn't do all the things that we thought; in our group was Javier, Eve and Vicky (our native) and Javier explained things about old town (and well done, I can say).
At two o'clock we went to the restaurant for lunch. It was really good. At the end we began to laugh because we said spanish expresions and tried to traslate: it was very funny; for example: por si las moscas= by the flys
After the coffee (spanish tradicion) we went to a room with group for 20 or 30 min. and try to play diferents games. It was very funny. We had, too, face to face conversations.
We did photos with our genials T-Shirs
I hope that tomorrow I'll put the rest of the photos here.

Conclusion: for me it was an interesting experience because I learn a lot of thing, I'll try to speak in English and, for me the most important, we have a group of friends very close that I hope see soon ( with the opposition passed, hey Kini!!!!)
God bless you all, guys, and thanks for the very good times passed together!

SONGS: Coldplay, now is one of the most famous band of the world. The group is influenced by bands like U2 or Radiohead. His lider is Chris Martin who plays piano and guitar and he is also famous because he is married with the actress Gwineth Paltrow

The first one is "Clock" from his second cd "A Rush of Blood to the Head"

Coldplay Lyrics

The second one is "Yellow"from their first Cd "Parachutes"

Coldplay Lyrics

And the last one: "Lost!", but in acustic version (only with piano) . I like this version better than electric one. From their last Cd "Viva la Vida"

Lyrics | Coldplay lyrics - Lost lyrics

viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

About Portfolio

Yesterday I told you about Portfolio day; well you can download some files from Hoyo's CPR. Copy and paste this link y your browser:


I hope that next year I 'll do something about Portfolio (who knows?) but first I must wait to the "Concurso de Traslados" , sorry but I don't know how to traslate to English.

SONGS: It's weekend and it's time to relax and dance. So I think to show you two songs for dancing. The first one is called "When Love Takes Over" and it's a David Gatta's song. David Gatta it's a famous french dj and the singer is Kelly Rowland. Who's Kelly? She was a member of the group Destiny Child, the Beyoncé's band. Can you remember now? Oh, yesssss, Beyonce, of course!.

The second one is from Armin Van Bruuren, that is considered the best Dj of the world. Armin is a dutch Dj. The song I'll show you is "Unforgivable" and it's from his latest album "Imagine: The Remix".

Well, tomarrow will be a "hard" day, because we have Pale Course in Coria from 10 to 20 h and
a First Comunion Party when the course finish

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

Jornada sobre el Portfolio europeo de las lenguas

Ayer, martes 2 de junio asistí aquí en Acebo a una jornada cuyo título era "El Portfolio europeo de las lenguas" donde tuve la gran alegría de encontrarme con otros paleros: Isabel, Inma, Nuria y Eve.Estuvo convocado por los CPRs de Hoyos, Caminomorisco y Coria. Fue una jornada intensa (desde las 10 hasta las 20 h., aunque yo, por un tema médico tuve que irme un poquito antes). El marco fue incorparable porque fue en el Complejo Buenos Aires, en Jevero, una de las piscinas naturales de Acebo.
La ponentes fueron:

-Mª Teresa Macías Puig (del Departamento de UPE de Cáceres), que se centró sobre todo en aspectos técnicos del Pel
-María Cortés Margallo (Coordinadora del IES Al-qazeres de Cáceres), que se basó en el Proyecto lingüistico de Centro y su experiencia durante los cinco cursos que ha llevado el Pel.
-Mónica Vicente García (Profesora de Inglés del CEIP Silvio Abad de Madrid): fue la ponencia que más me gustó porque nos demostró que sin que le hubieran concedido el Portfolio, éste se puede llevar a cabo con materiales que ella fue elaborando y con ayuda de sus alumnos y cómo se puede ayudar a avanzar a alumnos de tantas nacionalidades y con tantos problemas.
-Marisa Ariza Brigidano (profesora de Inglés del CRIF (el equivalente a nuestros CPRs) Las Acacias de Madrid) que se centró en experiencias prácticas con el Portfolio de las Lenguas. Éste, por desgracias, no pude seguirlo entero porque me tuve que ir pero también estuvo muy bien aunque más bien dirigido a secundaria, aunque el material que nos enseñó podría muy bien ser utilizado en nuestros coles.
Repito, muy interesante y que, espero, poder llevarlo a cabo.
Hablamos con Ángel, del CPR de Hoyos, para que pudiera colgar el material que nos enseñaron en la jornada y espero que en algunos días esté a nuestra disposición.

SONGS: Cambio radical en el tipo de música. Hoy me apetece Massive Attack, grupo británico originario de Bristol y padres del llamado "trip-hop" (palabra que siempre han odiado) que se puede considerar un combinado de música electrónica, rap, rock ... El grupo nació como un trío pero por él han pasado numerosos colaboradores como Tricky, Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl) u Horace Andy. También han realizado remezclas de diferentes grupos y solistas.
Las dos songs que os traigo pertenecen al mismo cd: "Mezzanine" de 1.998, su tercer disco de estudio; como curiosidad deciros que permitieron descargarlo desde su página web antes de la llegada a las tiendas, cosa que en aquella época era novedoso.
La primera song se titula "Angel" y está cantada por Horace Andy

Lyrics | Massive Attack Lyrics | Angel Lyrics

La segunda es Teardrop, cantada por Elizabeth Fraser y que a los que seguís el blog os sonará porque es la que suena de fondo en la presentación de la cena de los paleros

Massive Attack - Teardrop
Cargado por foetusStyle. - Videos de música, entrevistas a los artistas, conciertos y más.

Lyrics | Massive Attack Lyrics | Teardrop Lyrics

Como curiosidad os dejo esta versión del cantante sueco José González (sí, sueco!!, pero de padre chileno) en plan más acústico.

See you next saturday!!!

lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

10 extensiones de firefox para navegar seguro

Hi again.
Tiempo sin escribir por aquí.
Bueno, al grano. Leyendo por ahí he encontrado este blog " tecnoseguridad.net" (www.tecnoseguridad.net) y un artículo muy interesante para aumentar la seguridad en la navegación con firefox añadiendo una serie de extensiones, que son las siguientes:
-BetterPrivacy: protege contra las cookies que no pueden ser borradas.
-Blocksite: Bloquea sitios que uno considera no aptos para la familia. El proceso debe hacerse de forma manual.
-Dr Web Anti-Virus: Verifica que los archivos bajados no estén infectados de malware.
-FormFox: Cuando rellenamos un formulario, con solo poner el puntero del ratón en summit o enviar nos indica donde van a ser enviados.
-Ghostery: Esta extensión te alerta cuando cuando un sitio web te esta vigilando mediante el análisis del sitio que estas visitando para ver si esta corriendo algún script escondido de rastreo de comportamiento.
-Locationbar: Útil para prevenir el phishing ya que te avisa si una URL nos va a redirigir a otro sitio web.
-NoScript: Bloquea cualquier JavaScript
-Password Husher: Generador de contraseñas fuertes.
-QuickJava: Habilita o deshabilita Java y JavaScript con unos pocos clics.
-Web of Trust: Mediante unos códigos de colores (del rojo al verde) nos avisa de la peligrosidad o no de las páginas webs que visitemos

Por si alguien no sabe cómo se instala una extensión en Firefox: en "Herramientas" vamos a "Complementos" y de allí a "Obtener Complementos" a la izquierda nos sale una ventana para que pongamos el nombre de la extensión, la instalamos y luego nos sale una ventana indicando que debemos reiniciar el navegador, lo hacemos y ya está todo.

SONGS: The Doors, el grupo liderado por Jim Morrison y que tocaban una música psicodélica al principio y que derivó en blues.
¿Que no conoces a The Doors?. ¡Arrodíllate y pide perdón!
The Doors es citado como uno de los grupos más grandes de todos los tiempos. El grupo comenzó en 1.966 bajo las inflencias musicales de los movimientos de la costa Californiana y duró hasta la muerte de Jim Morrison en Paris en extrañas circunstancias (posiblemente por sobredosis) en 1.971. Posteriormente los restantes miembros han sacado distintos discos, pero sin Morrison ya no ha sido lo mismo.
La vida de Jim Morrison fue una de las que siguió el lema "Sex, drugs & Rock 'n' Roll", un suicidio lento pero seguro para acabar siguiendo el dicho de James Dean: "vive rápido, muere joven y deja un bonito cadáver".

La primera song es la larguísima "The End" tocada en directo en 1.967 donde ya se ve los efectos de las drogas en el grupo.

Esta canción fue utilizada por Francis Ford Coppola para el inicio de su film "Apocalypse Now" y es, para mí, uno de los momentos cumbres de la película, donde se confunde el ruido de las hélices al principio con la del ventilador al final de la canción. Aquí os dejo ese momento.

La segunda es "L.A. Woman" y pertenece al último Lp que publicaron. Se trata de un videoclip donde se ve de forma secundaria al grupo, mucho antes que Jim Morrison engordara tantísimo.

The Doors - LA Woman
Cargado por TheDoorsMotion. -

Well, I hope I will see you again next saturday, guys.

martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Prueba Issuu

SONGS: Como ya todos sabréis este martes falleció Antonio Vega, genial compositor y letrista que formó junto con su primo Nacho García Vega el grupo Nacha Pop en los 80, época de la "movida madrileña".
Voy a intentar colocar el podcast del programa de Diego Manrique "El Ambigú" que realizó este martes en homenaje a Antonio.


Vaya, parece que no he sido capaz de hacerlo, de todas formas en la dirección anterior podéis llegar al podcast (espero que esté todo bien)

Poco puedo añadir a lo que ya habrán dicho y escrito sobre este autor, así que solo me queda poner un par de canciones

La primer fue el gran y, casi único, éxito de Nacha Pop: "Chica de Ayer" .

La segundo es "Esperando nada"

Mañana tenemos la romería de la Virgen de la Herradura (la única Virgen laica que conozco) así que estaremos todo el día en el campo pasándonoslo bien.

jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009


Ha nacido Wikisaber (http://www.wikisaber.es/map.aspx)

Se trata de un portal gratuito fundamentado en la enseñanza y aprendizaje participativo.
Fue presentado en Cáceres por Juan Tomás Martín, presidente de educatic. Si quieres leer la entrevista realizada por el diario Hoy haz clic en el siguente enlace

SONGS: Primal Scream, grupo escocés liderado por su vocalista Bobby Gillespie y formado a finales de los 80 bajo la influencia de la psicodelia

La primer song es "Movin' On Up", pertenece al album "Screamadelica" del 91 .La canción recuerda un gospel con Bobby cantando cual predicador y reafirmado por ese coro al más puro estilo gospel. Este álbum es considerado por muchos como el mejor del grupo y una referencia para muchos grupos, tipo New Order.

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Lyrics | Primal Scream Lyrics | Movin%27 On Up Lyrics

La segunda es "Autobahn 66" del disco Evil Heat (2001)

Lyrics | Primal Scream Lyrics | Autobahn 66 Lyrics

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

Friday's Night Pale Party

Here's the Friday's Night Pale Party Slide (please, don't forget to turn off the volume of the first Slide (More Photos Post) and then double clic in this one)

When I think about that night I don't find words to say tha magic that was in the air, the feeling of these moments. So I've decided to copy and paste Javier's post (http://gotochetelham.blogspot.com/)

"Four weeks ago...and seems to have been yesterday night .

No, no I'm referring to the PALE's party. BUUUUUFFF! Damn it!!! It was really incredible...!.

Let me tell you an example. 2.30 hour. At "El Nuestro" Pub. Twenty friends dancing, moving on time of the music, laughing, talking and drinking. We looked like a family, even more friends since a lot of years.

We took a dinner at Percor restaurant. We ate quite well and the price was accurate. Neverthelees, someone was upset because the owners and the waiters had unussual behaviours for that restaurant.

I'm very surprise on a pair of things that happened that night:

For example, the full energy that Inma or Mercedes or Lourdes spent all the night. It wasn't strange that Quini, Javi o Virgi did it but watching them dancing and moving without a rest... It was very funny and delicious...!!!

On the other hand, the eldest wore our age with dignity, even more Valentin and me - the very best- were marching on till the sunrise...

Moreover, I'm very surprise with the youngest ones. What incredible ability to drink, dance, speak and enjoy all the night and continue by the morning without sleeping going to Plasencia to buy ¡female shoes!. But when I achieved my third whisky at three o'clock on the night, I just had to stop drinking and had to be concetrated to follow a conversation and even stay alive.
Time is time but not for everybody...

Although I can/might look like an a dirty old man, all our females were delicious, sophisticated, smart and very polished. May I do a top five?. Yes, please... ( that's the best for being writer and reader at the same time, you know...). One, spectacular Nuria. Second, wamp Virgin; Thrid, moving Cristina; Forth, angelic Lourdes; Fifth, seductive Mercedes... Anyway, all deserved to get into the list, of course...

One mention to Ana Belen, Salomé, Isabel, María José and Crist. All were in our hearts and thoughts, I think, although everyone for different reasons. No comments.

Up, down, middle and further down limonchelo in one go... Cheers!!!"

SONGS: Las dos songs que os propongo pertenecen a John Mellencamp. De infancia difícil y enfermediza comienza pronto en el mundo del rock. Al fichar por la primera multinacional le hacen cambiar su apellido por el de Cougar, pero el no ceja hasta conseguir primero que le dejaran llamarse John Cougar Mellencamp y al final poder firmar con su propio nombre, John Mellencamp. Su música es un cruce de Bruce Springsteen y Tom Petty. Su compromiso político (y anti-Bush) le llevó a hacer campaña durante las votaciones de la segunda legislatura de Bush junto con otros artistas como el propio Bruce.
La primera se titula "Human Wheels" y es mi favorita. En los últimos directos, por lo que se ve, cambia el sonido de la mandolina por un violín. Lo que menos me gusta de esta versión es el coro gospel que le acompaña.

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The second one is "Jack & Diane", y fue la primera vez que oí hablar de él.

Lyrics | John Mellencamp Lyrics | Jack And Diane Lyrics