miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

Edinburgh Cementeries

One thing that surprised me was, in Edinburgh, people go to cementeries whenever they want, just to take a walk or sit down. There's a lot of graveyards, for example near my residence there is one.
I've just visited three: Old Calton Cementery, Cannongate Kirkyard and Greyfriars Churchyard. Each cementery has its own history and legends about ghosts, witches, etc; remember, Edinburgh is the city of the ghosts!!!!!

SONGS: Mercury Rev, an American band formed in Buffalo (New York) in late 1,980's.
The first one is Goddess on a Hiway

Lyrics | Mercury Rev Lyrics | Goddess On A Hiway Lyrics

The second one is Opus 40. Both singles from their cd "Desert's Songs"

Lyrics | Mercury Rev Lyrics | Opus 40 Lyrics

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