viernes, 19 de marzo de 2010


Hi again.
Today I'm going to talk about Leith.
Leith is an Edinburgh district; it's the Edinburgh port and it's situated in the North of the city.
The Royal Yacht Britannia is permanently moored. I was disappointed about the Yacht because I thinked that it was bigger.
There are a big shop centre (shops, restaurants, etc) . There are, too, a gift-shop of Britannia objects.

Today it's Father's Day, my congratulations to fathers!!!!!!!

SONGS: Today, Oasis: one of the most popular British bands formed by Gallagher Brothers (Noel & Liam). Oasis formed part of the Britpop movement.
The first one is "Go Let It Out"

Lyrics | Oasis Lyrics | Go Let It Out Lyrics

The second one is its famous songs : "Wonderwall"

Lyrics | Oasis Lyrics | Wanderwall Lyrics

Enjoy Father's Day!!!!!!

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