sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Tour 1

Here I'm trying to remember last summer in Edinburgh.
In our last weekend we went to a trip: from Edinburgh to Glasgow, then to the Loch Lomond and finally to Stirling.
That Sunday we got up early to catch a van: our driver was our tourist guide too. It was a way to know a bit of Scotland.
We went to the esplanade to wait our bus. When we were there we saw the Scottish guard: all soldiers dressed the Scottish uniform; it was very nice.
At 8.30 we begun our trip. One hour later we visit Glasgow by bus. Only a view from the bus, we took some photos of the city and then ten minutes later we went to the Loch.
Later we could saw the lake and we did a cruise around the lake.It's was very interesting and the views were wonderful. It was cold there but we enjoyed the lake.

SONGS: Now, Dido, a British songwriter.
The first one is "White Flag"

Dido - White Flag (Official Music Video) - Watch more top selected videos about: Dido

And the last one is "Take My Hands"

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