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Pale Course In Hoyos,Life Stories 1

We have course some Fridays.
We met some people who live in Sierra de Gata but they are foreigner, from an English speaking country (except Mansour,of course) and they've told us about their life and why they are now here,in Sierra de Gata. The talks are called "Life Stories"

On Friday, 15th November Mansour Zaeni was our speaker. He's from Iran and so he told us about Iranian traditions, geography (Iran is like a cat shape) and some of their traditional food. He told us when the Iranian revolution came, he went to Great Britain (he's a exiliated man), his family decided to send there because he spoke English (He told us Iranian education was one of the hardest in the world). He was living there for many years and at last he decided go to Spain; in Andalusia a friend invited him to move to Ibiza. He lived there, played guitar and gave massages to earn his life. One day a friend told him about Sierra de Gata. He decided visit Sierra de Gata, and now he's living here.
He lives in Hoyos and gives a kind of therapeutic massage (I'm sorry but I don't remember the name, I'll ask Elo next day!).
It was very interesting. He said it was the first time he told in a Pale course but he did it very well. His English is very well and (I think) for Spanish ears is very easy to understand.

I'll show U an Iranian recipe that Mansour show us

I decided to show you a Mansur song called "Mani" that was so popular many years ago.

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