lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

I' m back again!!!

I'm back again from Edinburgh. I'm happy but a little sad because I left a wonderful place and a lot of friends there.
In this photo I'm with my General English Teacher, Gavin.
I was in Edinburgh two weeks, studying General English Course in the Edinburgh School of English and my residential accommodation was at the Pollock Hall, a half an hour walking from the Royal Mile.


8.45-9.00: Plenary Session (Susan)
9.00-10.00: Fluency workshop (Jonathan)
10.00-10.15: Break
10.15-11.15: General English (Gavin)
11.15-11.30: Break
11.30-13.00: General English (Gavin)
13.00-14.00: Lunch
14.00-15.00: Master-class
15.00-15.15 Break
15.15-16.15: Reading and Writing Skills (David)

When I was finishing the classes (at 16.15 h.) I always took a walk around the city until the dinner time (19.30 h. more or less) with some friends, trying to see the city and practice our English (and drink a beer, too,OF COURSE!!!!).

My Opinion:
-Positive: The city, the people (very friendly), the students that I meet there (Consoli, Anja, Isidro,Margherita, Nichola, Carlos, etc.) the teachers
-Negative: The weather (always raining), the lunch and dinner hour, and the close hour of Museums

I hope that these days I've have time to write about my experience there.

SONG: This is time to an old band: Simple Minds. The band was in Edinburgh last Saturday (18th of July) but I could not see them because I've got not a ticket.
Simple Minds is a Scottish band (Rock, New Wave & Pop) borned in 1.977 (30 years on the road!!!). His frontman is Jim Kerr
I'll show you two songs: The first one is "Don't You", maybe his most successful hit.
The end of the song (and the concert) is amazing!

Simple Minds Lyrics

The second one is "Belfast Child", based on a traditional irish song called "She moved through the fair" from his album "Street fighting years"

Simple Minds Lyrics

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  1. Eres la conga...
    Reading your comment, I realize that you has been improved your english a lot. I don't know if I did as well but I'm sure I've came back home with a large number of activities, exercises and task for my bilingual course. Indeed!

  2. I´d taken a look at your blog and I see that you´ve had a very good time, at all costs ( I tell you for the weather). Music always go with you.A very interesting blog. I,m hopeful we can speak soon .