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Old Town:The Royal Mile 1

Edinburgh is called the Athens of the North, It's a wonderful city with friendly people and a lot of places you can discover . The Royal Mile flows from West (the Castle Rock) to East (Holyrood Palace) following the spine of these hills. It's divided in four sections:
-Castle hill
-High Street
When you go out the castle, the first thing that you see is the Esplanade, in witch place the Military Tattoo is realized. There's the place to the Music Concerts, too.

Then The Royal Miles begins: the first section is called Castlehill and it's the oldest street

Next we can see Lawnmarket, it's a widest street than the previous ones and many times times ago was a linen market. Now is dominated by tourist-oriented shops

SONGS: Today I'll show you a group called Death in Vegas. Death in Vegas is a Britain duo witch made electronic and psycodelic rock music. In their third album "Scorpion Rising"(2.002) decided to change and made pop-rock music featuring rock stars like Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller
The first song is "Scorpio Rising", sung by Liam Gallagher, Oasis singer

Death In Vegas Lyrics

The second one is "So you say you lost you baby" sung by Paul Weller, is a version from Gene Clark

Lyrics | Death In Vegas Lyrics | So You Say You Lost Your Baby Lyrics

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