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New Town

In 1700 Old Town was overcrowded, noisy and dirty. Visitors said they could smell Edinburgh as they approached Dalkieth some 8 miles to the South. Lack of proper drainage and generally insanitary conditions caused ill-health. So Edinburgh needed a new town and it was builded in the north of Old Town (from north to south).In 1766 James Craig's architectural scheme was chosen. The original New Town had three paralell streets: Princess Street, George Street & Queen Street; there were, too, spacious gardens.
Princess Streets is between two famous hotels :Caledonian Hotel in the North and the Balmoral Hotel in the South.
North Bridge connected Old and New Town.
The Old Town & the New Town are a UNESCO World Heritage Site
My favorite place was Rose Street (between Princess Street & George Street) a pedestrian street with a lot of pubs and people.

SONGS: The Stones Roses were an alternative English band formed in Manchester in 1984 which made only two albums. They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement
The first one is "I'm the resurrection"

Stone Roses Lyrics

The second one is "Waterfall". Both songs from their first (and best) album "The Stone Roses"

Stone Roses Lyrics

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