sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Pale Course In Hoyos

In our second class Jane told us about our groups: advanced group, upstairs and intermediate group, downstairs.

Then we played games together.


The first one was about how can we greeting in different situations:
  • You meet a person very close to you but you don't see him long time ago.
  • You meet a person you love but the other one doesn't love you.
  • You meet a person who owe you money.
When we finished Jane put on our backs a piece of paper with a Scottish people,Irish people or Spanish people wrote in the paper (about literature, art, music and so on) in order to become this person. You couldn't see your name so you must ask for clues about you, like:
-Am I a man or a woman?
-Am I dead or alive?
-Am I from Scotland, Ireland or Spain?
-And so on
And last you might discover the person who you was.
E.g. :Bono (from U2), Robert Louis Stevenson, ....

It was very interesting!!!

SONG: Today is Saturday: time for "fiesta" so I've decided to show you two songs of the disco music years (seventy s)

The first one is Thelma Houston and her song "Don't leave me this way"

The second one is a Bee Gees song. Their hit "Stayin' Alive", from Saturday Night Fever film


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