domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Last Day Of The Pale's Course

Yesterday we went to our last day of the Pale's course. It was a complete day with natives. We began (at San Cristobal' Hotel) with breakfast all together eating and talking (in English, of course). At the end of the breakfast we made groups and take our cars and went to the old town of Coria but unfortunately it was raining all times and we couldn't do all the things that we thought; in our group was Javier, Eve and Vicky (our native) and Javier explained things about old town (and well done, I can say).
At two o'clock we went to the restaurant for lunch. It was really good. At the end we began to laugh because we said spanish expresions and tried to traslate: it was very funny; for example: por si las moscas= by the flys
After the coffee (spanish tradicion) we went to a room with group for 20 or 30 min. and try to play diferents games. It was very funny. We had, too, face to face conversations.
We did photos with our genials T-Shirs
I hope that tomorrow I'll put the rest of the photos here.

Conclusion: for me it was an interesting experience because I learn a lot of thing, I'll try to speak in English and, for me the most important, we have a group of friends very close that I hope see soon ( with the opposition passed, hey Kini!!!!)
God bless you all, guys, and thanks for the very good times passed together!

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The first one is "Clock" from his second cd "A Rush of Blood to the Head"

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The second one is "Yellow"from their first Cd "Parachutes"

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And the last one: "Lost!", but in acustic version (only with piano) . I like this version better than electric one. From their last Cd "Viva la Vida"

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