jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


This a slide from our last day in Coria. I wait to new photos to put them in the blog

SONGS: This slide and these songs are my tribute to you, guys. I thought songs about our citys or people who are from these citys.
And this is my play list.
CANTERBURY: is Kent shire county. One of the most famous singers from Kent county is Sir Mick Jagger, the frontman of the Rolling Stones. This is "Visions of Paradise" without his band

Lyrics | Mick Jagger Lyrics | Visions Of Paradise Lyrics

CHELTENHAM: Born in this town, Brian Jones was a multi-instrumentalist and one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. The song that I'll show you is "Paint it Black" with Brian Jones playing the sitar

- Rolling Stones Lyrics

DUBLIN: Born in Dublin, Paul David Hewson (hey, who's that man?) most commoly by Bono, the leader of the irish band U2 (now you can remember!) . The song I'll show you is "Miss Sarajevo" with a band called "Passengers" (U2, Brian Eno & Luciano Pavarotti)

- U2 Lyrics

EDINBURGH: (my town!). Shirley Mason was born in this town. She is the vocalist and write the lyrics of the group Garbage, a band very important in 90's. The song I'll show you is "Stupid Girl"

Lyrics | Garbage Lyrics | Stupid Girl Lyrics

LONDON: One of the most important citys of the world. The song I'll show you is very old (1.973) and called "Streets of London", but I love so much, this reminds me when I was younger. It was singing by Ralph McTell and english singer-songwriter.

Lyrics | Ralph McTell Lyrics | Streets Of London Lyrics

NEW YORK: The big apple, the world capital. When I though about this town I always remember Sinatra's song "New Yor, New York" (the city that doesn't sleeps), so here's the song.

Lyrics | Frank Sinatra Lyrics | New York, New York Lyrics

SCARBOROUGH: For this city find a song was easy too, because one of the best song of Simon & Garfunkel, for me of course, is Scarborough fair/Canticle .

Lyrics | Simon And Garfunkel Lyrics | Scarborough Fair, Canticle Lyrics

TORONTO: and from Toronto the band Billy Talent and his songs "This Suffering". It's an alternative rock band.

Billy Talent - This Suffering

Lyrics | Billy Talent Lyrics | This Suffering Lyrics

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  1. You are the very best...
    An incredible effort, a kindly gift for all of us...
    Anyway, your photos are marvellous and well-done, why did you say to me they are bad and awful? I don't understand...
    We have to hang up this as the first one in the new PALE's blog made by the IDEA group, haven't you?. I try to put you in contact with Zambrano in orden to send you key words for making it as soon as possible.

    Damn it, Valentine, you're a genious!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your kind opinion. Well I can see the other photos: horribles, too much yellow color, and this's the reason why I only put theese one in the blog. So I wait for new photos.

    I'll wait news from Zambrano.
    See you soon with swimming trunks and two beers here in Jevero.