miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

If it's Thursday...

It must be Pale course, but not; my God!!! why not? What can I do?.
All these months I've waited Thursday to see all these guys: Javier,Javi, Virginia, Isabel, Nuria, Kini,Raúl,Cristina, Gaspar, Mercedes,Salomé, Sandra, Lourdes, Mª José,Ana Belén... all of them but now I'm here sitting and waiting till June to see all again.
It's a shame (or "putada" in rude spanish)

We need another Friday's night PALE Party!

Why this title? because I remember an old film called "If it is tuesday it must be Belgium" , a film talking about tour operators and tourists (Tuesday in Belgium,Wednesday in Rome ...) and there is a song called like this but I can't find it on legal forms :)

SONGS: I remember when I was in Javier's car driving from my town to Coria, talking about the course and music, we are listening an Australian (but born in New Zeland) band called "Crowded House" and I said to him that I liked too much because they remembered me The Beatles sound
and I told to him that there was another band (TheAustralian Rolling Stones) called INXS
so I decided to show you both
First: Crowded House, his leader and singer was Neil Finn; their first hit in Spain-I think- was "Don't dream it's over", but sung by an English singer called Paul Young but the song I'll show you is another one, "Distant Sun"

House Crowded Lyrics

And now the another australian band: INXS (in excess) the band of Michael Hudchence and the Farriss brothers and his hit "New Sensation". I danced this song when I was younger (jejejeje)
I hope you enjoy, guys

Inxs Lyrics

Michael: you sang: "There's nothing better we could do that live forever",Why you didn't?R.I.P.

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