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Juegos Pale 7 (2ª parte)

Hi, again.

Había pensado que sería bueno publicar los juegos que tenía preparado Raquel pero que no dio tiempo a hacer; así que manos a la obra:


Éste lo realizamos con Raúl.

This exercicie calls for instant reaction from the entire group to an order from the tutor telling them to form a shape. They must act as one unit, but nobody should speak, although members of the group may physically guide others to complete the required shape quickly. The tutor only gives the order once so that the group must listen and then move swiftly and silently into the shape. As soon as one shape is completed, the tutor gives the order for the next shape and so on. Speed, discipline and economy of movements are required.
Some exemples are:
Square, equials sign, multiplication sign, question mark, exclamation mark, division sign, the letter Z, the number 4, tiangle, straight line.


Players stand in a circle with enough room to move their elbows. Player One steps forward and begins miming an activity, any activity such as shearing a sheep. Player Two, to the right asks player One, "What are you doing?". Player One is to answer without hesitating with the first action which comes to mind OTHER than the one they are doing i.e. tying my shoelaces. Player Two then begins doing the thing announced by player One and is asked by player Three "What are you doing?".

Comment: Teacher can pre-teach simple actions with flashcards/drawings and use these to keep the game fluid. Alternatively compile the actions beforehand form the kids suggestions.

Variation 1: Get players to speed up and start to eliminate if the hesitate, repeat or make a mistake.


Players witness strange behavious from teacher at the beginning of class and at the end of the routine are asked to write down all that they have observed. In groups of four players compare stories and compose a more complete story. Each group's story should then be read to the whole group.
An alternative ending is for the teacher to repeat the strange routine again after the various stories have been read.
(i.e. Enter with shoes on backwards (or sweater, suspicious walk, secret to someone, suspicious look at someone, take off shoes, sweater, listen clap 3 times, listen, clap 2 times stomp 1, listen clap one, stomp 2, listen, stormp 3 times listen .Look satisfied)

  • 1,2,3, (stamping on the one)
  • 1,2,3,4 (stamping on the one)
  • 1,2,3,4,5 (stamping on the one)
All together creating a common rhythm.

SONGS: Una australiana llamada Sia que publicó un tema titulado "Breath" pero el que aquí os dejo es un remix del tema "The girl you lost to cocaine" que es muy cañero para estos días

El segundo tema es del grupo Macaco y se titula "Puerto Presente", perteneciente al álbum del mismo nombre. Macaco es un grupo que hace música fusión con músicos de distintas nacionalidades y estilos.

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  1. Madre mía...!!! Pero yo que puedo enseñarte más, hombre...!!!Este blog está fantástico!!!. Tan solo entra en las entradas del curso y ponle abajo en los tags "ejercicios_PALE_2009", así todos quedarán clasificados cuando estos desaparezcan de la pantalla principal al meter más entradas...

    ¿ Qué tal esas vacs???

  2. Gracias Javier. La verdad es que ayuda tener un comentario tan positivo de alguien que domina el tema. Estoy preparando un power de la excursión a Monfragüe.
    Las vacas muy bien, aquí en el pueblo y cantando el "miserere".
    Un abrazo