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Juegos Pale 8

Estos juegos pertenecen a la última clase con Ana Belén. La verdad es que se me ha hecho no corto, sino cortísimo. Lo positivo es todos los amigos que he hecho y todo lo que he aprendido. Espero que esto tenga continuidad en el futuro.


  • Copy me.
  • Copy each one of the group.
  • Massage to your partner.
  • Rubber Chicken.
  • Zip,Zap,Boing, Kapao


SIMON SAYS (Warm Up & Game)

Simon Says is the traditional game of concentration, repetition and listening comprehension. Everyone imitates the leader who must direct the rest by giving them commands that either start with "Simon says..." or not. The participants must only do what the leader indicates with "Simon says"

Variation 1:

Those who move or respond to anything else must sit down until there is a winner.


Everyone is milling around the class. The have to do my order; clap, jump, stop, go.


Clap is jump and jump is clap.

Go means stop and stop go


All turns around their meanings
Whoever falls must leave the game and observe the rest with me.

1, 2, 3, 4

All in a circle we count 1 the next one 2, the next one 3 and so on. We will give three rounds like that.

  1. Clap
  2. Freeze
  3. Jump
  4. Shout
We won't start from the beginning changing the numbers for the actions but we will play for a bit with them until all of them instead of numbers will be actions.




Using the blackboard, get your group to make an exhaustive list of gifts received or given. To help ask them to think of gift giving occasions. When do people give and receive? Valentine, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, etc.

Get individuals to make their own lists, say of two gifts. Make it interesting the five best ever gifts you have been given. The five things you would give your worst enemy, the five biggest gifts they've been given and the five smallest gifts they have given etc, what has given most/ least happiness. When they have finished with their own list compile a master list on the board.

Organise the group in a circle or horseshoe with chairs. Explain that you want each person to imagine a gift and one by one to enter the centre of the circle and colllect their gift. They should pick it up and return with it to their seat and in doing so describe to the rest of the group the weight and size of what they have got. When they get to their seat they may interact with their gift.

The object of the game is for the rest of the group to identify the gift through the mime.


Three groups; two with three members and one with two members.

They will present a scene with dialogue where they demonstrate to the rest of the group, 1/Where they are, 2/ Where they have been, 3/ Where are they going but without actually saying it. They will write it down and then will read it for the rest of the group to guess.


In groups of three. Player One sits facing players two and three. Player One's objective is to listen and respond fully to each of the simultaneous conversations from players two and three. Player's two and three's objective is to command 100 % of Players ones attention at all times. Each may say or do anything short of physical contact to hold P1s attention. Run for two minutes. Player One decides which of the two held his attention best. Rotate Player One.

When we will have the three winners they will have to catch the group attention giving a convincing Speech, as politicians. The one who is move convincing for the group will have a price.


Each person will think in three numbers who have some kind of meaning for her/ him. The rest will have a question for each number and if they don't guess the person will explain what it means


I split the group in pairs. They will have to write a little dialogue and perform it with the help of some easy prompts. The class must guess what kind of couple they have performing.


In groups of three they have to make a scene (I will give them a few minutes to prepare it) and perform it. The rest must make at least four questions when they have finish (one each) to guess the scene



This warm -down is designed to try and get us all in synch. Everyone get into a tight circle.

Everyone looks down at the ground, not making eye contact with anyone else. The group all counts to three and on a count of three everyone looks up at once. Each player in the circle is responsible for making a strong choice, and they must either look to their left, their right, or directly across the circle. If players make eye contact, both scream and step out of the circle. This activity is continued until all are out of the circle.

Songs: Están dedicados a Led Zeppelin (grupo que le gustaba a Ana Belén), grupo británico de rock al que se le considera uno de los padres del hard rock (1.968-1.982) y uno de los más importantes e influyentes de todas las épocas.

Las dos canciones pertenecen al álbum Led Zeppelin IV. La primera es la archiconocida "Stairway to Heaven"

La segunda es "The Battle of Evermore" y os la traigo en una versión del grupo Lovemongers, grupo cuyas líderes eran las hermanas Ann & Nancy Wilson

Las letras de ambas canciones están muy influidas por Tolkien (el de la trilogía del Lord of the Rings); aunque hay algunos que también ven influencias ocultistas en la primera (who knows?)

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