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Juegos Pale 7

Esta sesión fue el día 26 de marzo y fue realizada por Raquel, una amiga de Ana Belén que ese día no pudo asistir y con la que también nos lo pasamos muy bien.


Rotations from ankies to neck.

Hubo un par de ejercicios francamente que nos resultaron difíciles: uno era subir con una mano desde la cara bordear la cabeza y bajar mientras que con la otra empezábamos el movimiento al contrario de manera que terminaba frente a a la cara.
Otro que nos fue difícil fue el de cruzar los brazos de manera que parecían molinos (yo, desde luego, no lo logré)


Everyone quietly mills about the class. One person will elect to freeze in position unexpectedly. As soon as one notices that someone else has frozen in position they freeeze as well. So the efect of one person freezing causes everyone to freeze. Once everyone is still the group starts milling around again. The goal is to see how quickly the group can freeze in position.

The warm-up can be made more interesting by having the players make noise as they move around. Increasingly noisy characters make it harder and harder to notice the group stop, and therefore makes it more challenging


Players are invited to move about the class through a variety of imaginary environments, when the leader calls out a number, everyone must get in a group of the same name size as the number.


Body Part Clumps: Same as above except leader shouts out numbers and a body part e.g. three noses, the players from groups of three and touch their noses together


Simple game where everyone is seated in a circle and the leader stands in the middle. When the leader says: "all those wearing blue,Change! everyone wearing the colour blue must change seats; the leader will also try to find a seat so that one person will be left without a seat standing in the middle. Start the game focused on clothing e.g. "all that wearing jumpers, Change!", then combine items of clothings with colours, "all those with blue bras, etc."

Alternatives: All those whith two sisters, all those with a dog, all those who like pizza, all those who have been to Benidorm


A basic list and memory game, the students sit in a circle and say "I went to the market and I bought" witch is followed by an object of some sort, for example, an apple. The next student then repeats this phrase and adds their own object.
There are many variations to this game for objects to go through the alphabet using a different letter to begin each new word. Another idea would be to only allow objects larger than a tv or only animals, or illegal things. The choise is wide and the game can be used to teach specific vocabulary.
  • Spanish rivers.
  • Cubists artists
  • multiples of 4

Players stand in a circle passing around a rolled newspaper. One player is in the centre with his /her eyes closed. When the player is in the centre shouts stop, the player holding the newspaper must name six items in the category selected by player one before the newaper makes a complete circle. If the player is successful then he/she mover into the centre and selects the next category. Categories can be ,for example, six breeds of dogs, six types of flowers, vegetables and films with one-word titles (parts of the cell, six multiples of 3, 6 town of England, 6 mountains of Spain)
Comment: Players have to think quickly and focus on the task of naming the items. It's interesting to notice that the players tend to take more interest in the moving of the newspaper and the countdown.


Players break into groups of 3 to 6 (with Raquel we sit all around in a circle). They must each state 2 true things about themselves and one lie. The others must guess which the lie is


Two players are chosen to start. The group stablish the who and where of a scene and the two players must produce a dialogue consisting of questions only. The first player to hesitate for too long or to anser with a statement must sit down and be replaced by another with same situation or a different one, depending on consensus. (Very difficult for me!!!!!)


Players from a circle looking at the floor and without a sequence or determined order try to count from one to ten. If two or more people speak at the same time the counting must begin again from zero.
Alternatives: days of the week, months of the year, letters of the alphabet.
Another application is to generate lists such as famous authors, kings and queens, scientific formulae agree on a sequence and play the game

WORD BALL (Sometimes sock!)

Have the group stand in a circle and explain that as the sock is passed from player to player each personmust say a word beginning with the letter A. When the A's are exhausted or when a player pauses too long, move on to the B's and repeat the process through the alphabeth.
Once players are comfortable with the idea of words moving with the sock start to throw the sock around randomly from player to player if the sock is dropped you move on a letter


Groups of six to eight, like Word Ball only this time as the socks are passed or thrown from hand to hand players exchange words which are directly associated with the previous ones. Build speed.
Note: it may help for the instructor to stop into the middle and act as a sort of pacekeeper or pendulum, in order to avoid large pauses and too much thinking. If one player can't think of anything she/ he is simply skipped.


Two players begin to talk on a subject without saying what the topic of their conversation is .The other players are invited to first listen and when they think they know what the conversation is about, to join in. They should not try to guess the subject but to participate.
For exemple:
  • The King Juan Carlos
  • Andalucia
  • The Civil War
And now songs: las dos canciones que os voy a poner son el grupo inglés The Smiths, tuvieron una vida bastante efímera (del 82 al 87). Eran un cuarteto inglés liderados por el cantante y letrista Morrissey y el guitarrista y compositor Johnny Marr. Están considerados como uno de los grupos más influyentes desde su creación y muchos de los grupos actuales les consideran como sus precursores.

La primera song es "Panic" , donde Morrissey pide repetidamente que ahorquen al Dj ("hang the Dj") .El 26 de abril de 1.986, día de la catástrofe de Chernobil, Morrissey y Marr se dirigían a la BBC 1 para una entrevista que les iban a realizar y oyeron en un boletín informativo la noticia del desastre ; a continuación el dj de la emisora pinchó "I'm your man" de Wham!; Morrissey se pilló tal mosqueo que decidió escribir una canción para pedir que ahorcasen a dicho Dj

La segunda es "That Joke Isn't funny anymore" y está grabada en Madrid en el 85

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