lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


I'll try to write something in English (God bless us!!!)
Here I am remembering last weekend:
Friday afternoon fantastic at Pale Party: with (almost) all guys eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and at the end eating at the churreria (how do you say this word in English?) ; I can say like Martires del Compás's song: "toa las noches cerrando bares, esperando la luz del día" (all nights closing pubs, waiting for the day's light-more or less traduction)
Saturday night horrible: we went to Coria emergency room hospital and stay there from 10 pm to 6 am with my mother in love; luckily it was only the blood-sugar level and we are now all at home.

Unfortunately this thursday we don't have pale course (sniff!!!)

SONGS: I don't know why but today I'm remembering the old times, when I was a boy and there was a Dutch Band called Shoking Blue with a woman singer who has two big and beautiful eyes so I decided to show these videos:
The first is called "Venus" and it was very famous (1.969)

The second one is one called "Never Married a Railroad Man" with an spanish guitar (but not like Paco de Lucia's, for exemple)

And the last one: another dutch band called "Earth & Fire" (from 70's too) and his hit "Weekend"

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