viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

Juegos Pale 6

Esta es la 5ª vez que lo intento, así que haremos caso al refranero: "no hay 5º malo".
La clase la hicimos con Ana Belén el jueves 19 de marzo.


We did it in the ususal way as the previous session adding some voice games to warm up the voice and break the ice in order to speak freely.

Copy Me: All copy the teacher in movements and sounds.

Rubber Chicken.




In a circle each of us says their names and makes a movement. We all copy it.


Name-movement- to (movement to another participant and it passes on to that person).

Name-movement-movement of someone else in the circle and passes on to that person (we don't say "to" so it's just movement. People are sending out as the failed or were too slow.


Everybody is walking around the class. At someone point the all greet to someone by shaking hand.


  • We will endow each of the greetings with an element, i.e. greet each other like you are all friends, someone you have a crush on, someone you love, someone is smelly, ...
  • Each person is got a phrase which they have to learn by heart and must be perform with a specific emotion i.e:
  1. What's the time? I am late... I am very late (Ansious, anxiety)
  2. The world isn't big enough for both of us (Challenging).
  3. Mum, where did you put the biscuits? (angrily)
  4. I hide them under my armpit (secretly)
  5. Where are the children? Where are they? (desperate)
  6. What are you looking at? (desperate)
  7. You've got a stain on your shirt (joking)
  8. I loved you from the first moment I have seen you (in love)
Each person will say a phrase every time they look at someone and with the particular
On my clap they will "freeze" in the action. When I will touch someone's shoulders
that person will say the phrase and will stop when I will touch the shoulders again.

9. One person will say the phrase with the emotion and the rest of the group have to guess wich the emotion he/she is performing is.


All sitting down in a circle with their eyes close, they have to think of the sounds they can hear and name them to the rest of the class.


All players sit in a circle. Someone send a message and it must be passed on to the next person and so on. The last person must tell what was the message she/ he did send and witch did get back.


Each one secretly has to think in a famous person (historical, tabloids, actors,...). One they have decided, they have to write down some of the facts about that person life and share with the rest of the group so they have to guest who is the person is talking about.

SONGS: Os dejo un par de temas de un grupo de Manchester llamado James que espero que os gusten. El primero es "Getting Away With It " y aparece en la banda sonora de la película "Big White"

La segunda creo que será más conocida, "Born of Frustation"

¡Buena Semana Santa!, a recargar pilas y el de la "Opo", ya sabe..............¡DESCANSA TAMBIÉN! jejejeje

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